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Atelier Macramè is a project signed by Laura Calligari, architect and founder of the online magazine www.arredativo.it. Atelier Macramè was founded in 2013 to give light to self-production projects, objects and collections in small series - always inspired by the simplicity and traditions of everyday life - made with the support of selected local artisans, who express their manufacturing excellence in contemporary design objects .

On Debou we present the Bakery Vase and Tajine Wood collections, innovative design accessories with a meaningful symbolic value.

A short description of your collection.

My collections have always been inspired by everyday life. For example, the Design Around collection, which includes the Bakery Vase and Tajine Wood projects, takes inspiration from the world's food traditions and cultures. The shape of the object is intentionally referred to the figures of products belonging to the food tradition from different countries. Then, every project is characterized by the function, which for me is essential, so much so that my self-produced objects do not have a single function, but are multifunctional. This is because I like to give people more choices in their use and more freedom of interpretation. My objects are designed to be lived in everyday life, where each of us has different customs and habits.

What inspires you?

I am very curious and impulsive, so I take inspiration from the things I like. First of all, the shape and the colors but not less important are the stories behind each product or even more simply the feelings that I would like to convey through objects. This is the beauty of self-production: give the freedom to convey a message through a creation.

Your style in three words.

Essential, feminine, empathetic.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?

The search for finishes that can make a simple and never banal object. As well as in interior projects, also in the design collections the simple combination of color and material is a fundamental detail for the success of the project.

Which object do you wish to design?

An object that can be recognized for my style and that becomes part of everyday use. I would love to work with unusual materials like soap or chocolate or apply a little more working with graphics and patterns, for example on a carpet or on wallpapers.

If your brand was a song?

Pure Morning by Placebo.



Atelier Macramè

Multi-purpose object, funnel-shaped, made of beech wood. Vase, jewelry box or simply funnel.

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Atelier Macramè

Multifunctional vase made of ceramic and wood, which recalls, both for the name and the shape, the world of American bakeries.

110,00 €
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