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Carola fra i Trulli is a tribute to the Itria Valley, its native flora and its perfumes.

An authentic territory, dotted with the white pinnacles of the trulli, ancient agricultural shelters, today transformed into well-kept country shelters for contemporary nomads, just like Trulli La Pietraia, a charming residence in the Ostuni countryside created in 2015 by Carola Altamura and chosen as the setting for the eponymous line of interior fragrances.

Based on a design by Carola, the trullo, from place, becomes an iconic object, declined in the candle holder and diffuser holder version, entirely handmade in small, limited and numbered series.

On Debou we present the entire collection of these one-of-a-kind fragrances in different colors.

A short description of your collection.

I designed a ceramic object inspired by the iconic shape of the trulli of the Itria Valley declined in two models, candle and diffuser in eight colors each, handmade by a master ceramist from Grottaglie, Franco Fasano.

I filled them with the delicate scents of the fields of the Apulian countryside. The first fragrance is called "Fico Leaves", emblematic of Puglia. I made it in collaboration with a well-known French essence house and together we recreated the scent of fig leaves in the sun.

What inspires you?

I am an architect, born and raised in Milan, but with strong Apulian roots. Since I was a child I have spent magnificent and long summers in my grandmother's beach house, with a large and lush garden full of fruits and flowers that she cared for with much love.

This is where my passion for perfumes was born, which is nothing more than my great passion for nature. In 2015 I renovated some family trulli which are now a well-kept charming residence in the hills of Ostuni.

Carola tra i Trulli is the synthesis of these experiences; it is my personal tribute to the Itria Valley, its landscapes, its colors and its scents. It is my Puglia.

Your style in three words.

Colored. Dreamlike. Clean.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?

The details. It is the praise of imperfection, of spontaneity, of the handmade, all enclosed, however, within a well thought out and well cared for project.

Which object do you wish to design?

I really love to paint nature, I would like one day to design a textile collection of wild flowers and birds.

If your brand was a song?

I would think of electronic music, clean, relaxing and elegant, a bit surreal like Air.


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