The Journey of Debou

The Journey of Debou

The story of Debou is the story of Caroline, a tireless dreamer and determined warrior who had a dream and decided to pursue it. Every step of her life turned into a learning for the future.

 Pursuing the dream

As it is for every entrepreneur who wants their dream to come true, everything was hard and confused at the beginning. Caroline wanted to follow all her passions at the same time - design, journalism, economics - but she knew she had to choose a way. And here comes the first learning of the journey: there is a time for everything in life, and one must choose wisely what is more important for the moment.

It all started in Barilla. It was the first time Caroline left her hometown to a new job. It was an unexpected opportunity that resulted in another interesting learning: follow your passion but let the destiny decide your path.

Building blocks

Every step is a learning, every step is an experienceAll these steps bring great value to one's destiny. The memorable working experience in Barilla helped Caroline to move beyond boundaries, now from Italy to Australia. The more she goes forward, the more she understands the world and its contrasts.

The spectacular nature and proclivity of beauty that Australia conveys with such ease represented for Caroline the invite to share and narrate the charm and allure of her home country. Italy is rich in creativity, art and design of acknowledged excellence. It was enough for her to decide to come back to her dreams.

When dreams come together to meet passion...

After living all these moments, Caroline finally dived into the world of design magazines. During her work in Mondadori, she was challenged to combine her inspiration for the creativity world with her own development of management skills. A true merge between love and personal challenges, a valuable experience that led Caroline to her final learning: recalling your footsteps.

In the end, Caroline’s dreams came together to meet passion...

...and passion is

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